We would like to recommend restaurants for dinner so that you can enjoy the best of what our local Okayama area has to offer.

Selection of breakfast

  • Japanese Breakfast The dishes change every day, with which we serve local rice cooked in an earthen pot and miso soup made with local miso.
  • Western-style Breakfast We bake bread every morning in our kitchen with dough from a local bakery served with sausages and scrambled eggs.

Recommended resaurants in the neighborhood

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Japanese Cuisine

  • Japanese restaurant Issen The menu changes every fortnight as the chefs are determined to surprise and move their customers with each dish they order. The restaurant is renowned for their dishes using only the freshest ingredients at that time of the season. Please enjoy the taste of Setouchi together with beautiful tableware and heartfelt hospitality.
  • Raku-shunsai Sato (traditional Japanese restaurant) This is a reservation- only restaurant where you can experience the chef’s ultimate gesture of omotenashi hospitality, who will create dishes which feature the best of what’s on offer in the area each season. The menu changes every day as, whether from the sea or the mountains, the owner-chef picks the ingredients which are tastiest on the day and the guests leave everything up to the chef. We eat with our eyes so arranged in a way that brings out the beauty of each food item. Their high reputation is built upon the experience of their customers.
  • Tempura

    Tempura Futaba The owner-chef with 30 years of experience makes a wide variety of tempura from the ingredients which are seasonal to quite unusual. The Kansai-type tempura come out in elegant white. You can eat with a standard soy sauce-based tentsuyu dipping sauce or enjoy eating them with different types of salt such as matcha, curry or Andes rock salt. Reasonably priced. You can enjoy delicious tempura and sake in a tranquil ambience.
  • Shabu-shabu

    Your-own-pot Megumi You have your own hotpot dish here, so you can eat a type of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki that you like and at your own pace, which is unusual as they are usually prepared in a big pot for everyone to dig in. Our proud local beef, Chiya, thought to be the root of Japanese beef and the local Okayama black pork are served. Also Halal beef can be ordered.

Izakaya Restaurants

  • Kazugen This is a kushiyaki/izakaya restaurant. 70 different kinds of local sake are on offer and all served in sake cups produced in the local Bizen-style pottery. Local fish from the Seto Inland Sea are served as well as a variety of charcoal-grilled yakitori. Try “Kashira-kushi,” a local pork whose taste deepens the more you chew and the “grilled tongue,” whose flavor is brought out to its best. The charcoal is even produced locally, called Bicho-tan.
  • Toriyoshi Ekimae-honten It is known as one of the most popular izakaya restaurants around Okayama Station. It has a local feel where you can satisfy your belly with just 3,000 yen. It even made it into a foreign magazine. The reason for its popularity is the fact that they stick to local dishes, which are about 200 in number, featuring fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea. When you are not sure where to go, the best bet is to come here. You won’t go home disappointed.

Okayama local Cuisine

  • Mori, Okayama Izakaya-style Okonomiyaki Restaurant Here is a restaurant where you can try our favorite local dishes, which are of non- gourmet type such as horumon udon (fried udon with cow innards), Hiruzen fried noodles and Okonomiyaki savoury pancakes featuring local oysters. Special local ingredients such as coriander and yellow chives create unique flavors. It’s lively and the staff are open and friendly. You can enjoy both the high-quality food and the people you meet there.

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