Experience the elegance of old Japan
A Japanese inn set in an old folk house

Since the early 17th century and up until wartime in the early 20th century, an area along Asahi River, where Korakuen Garden is now, used to be the thriving center of Okayama City. At that time, the present Okayama Station area had no tall buildings and it was not so lively as it is now.
It was during this time that our residence was built, about a 10-minute walk from Okayama Station. There was a canal running through right in front and this quarter of the city was considered an up-and-coming high-end residential area.
As half of the building was in a Japanese-style and the other half in Western, it had an unusual look and feel about it, which definitely said something about the original owner. After staying over at our Inn and having learned a bit about our local history, you might see the city in a different light or discover something new that you didn’t know before.