The ryokan with a spirit of Japan

Tsumugi-ya Ryokan was born from our shared experience of traveling around the world as a couple.

We spent one and a half years visiting 38 different countries on five continents. What moved us most was…

Not the breathtaking views or the mouthwatering food but the spontaneous interactions and kind gestures of the locals wherever we went. We wonder what the overseas guests who come to Okayama are truly looking for. Is it beautiful scenery or something beyond like interaction with locals and deeply feeling how we live and the heart/spirit of Japan.
We hope to create a place where the guests look back and say that the fondest memory was experiencing Japanese hospitality and that they look forward to coming back to Okayama. Wanting to connect and weave the hearts of people, Japan and the rest of the world into the past and the future, we have named our ryokan “Tsumugi (weaving)-ya Ryokan”.

It was an 80-year-old folk house, which quietly protected the family who had lived here and helped create their history before being converted into a ryokan. By preserving the engawa deck, the alcove and the transoms attest to the brilliant craftsmanship of early days. We renovated the house for you to relax and feel the history of the house.

We would like to make our ryokan everyone’s home away from home welcoming people from all over the world. With our tranquil space and hospitality, we hope to embrace you in the spirit of Japan.

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